3 ingredient Strawberry Nice Cream

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Strawberry Nice Cream Recipe

I love “nice cream!” If you’re like my husband and have no idea what nice cream is, it’s like ice cream, but it’s made with frozen bananas. When I told my husband this, he said “that sounds a lot like a good food vs. bad food mentality.” I hadn’t thought about that. What makes “nice cream” nice? Is it because it’s made with more fruit than regular ice cream? That makes it healthier, right? That means you can more of it without feeling guilty, right? And it also means that regular ice cream is not nice. It’s one of those bad foods that you shouldn’t eat. No. I’m not down with any of that. One of the many core concepts behind my … Read More

these 6 tips will convert you to a bonafide veggie lover

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6 tips to become a veggie lover

these 6 tips will convert you to a bonafide veggie lover “There is nothing you can say that will get people to eat more veggies,” says chief industry analyst Harry Balzer in this NY Times article. “Before we want health, we want taste.” It’s true that telling people to eat more vegetables appears to have little effect on their diet. But there’s also a lie hidden in Balzer’s statement: that vegetables are less delicious than other foods. This lie seems almost universally accepted, even assumed. Vegetarians are given our sympathies. A meatless dish is seen as a compromise. There’s no need for this dichotomy between health and taste. Veggies do not need to be a food we force ourselves to choke down. … Read More

My story: how I stopped overeating

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My story how I stopped overeating

This article was originally published on my friend and colleague’s amazing website Carrots and Cake by Nita Sharda. I used to overeat. I’ve never been significantly overweight, so people are surprised to hear this. When you think of overeating, you think of someone who is above their natural weight range, right? Well, I used to purposefully undereat as well. I was able to keep my weight within some control, but only through a lot of physical and mental anguish. Here’s a glimpse into my life as a first year university student: Friday: Go to a party and eat a lot of chips. Feel guilt and regret. Vow to wake up and run an extra mile. Saturday: Run 6 miles, come home and only … Read More

Spinach and Artichoke Hummus with Feta

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Spinach & Artichoke Hummus with Feta

I wasn’t planning on making and photographing a recipe today since I was busy working on other projects (stay tuned for some exciting stuff around here at Smart Nutrition!).  But lunch time came around and I suddenly had this idea for making a spinach and artichoke hummus. When inspiration strikes, you gotta follow suit!  Or maybe when you buy a Costco sized jar of artichokes for making this Spinach and Artichoke Quinoa Bake, you need to find other uses for it! Although, realistically I could eat that quinoa bake all day long. I didn’t really need to create another recipe. But I’m sure glad I did! I’ve made a few new hummus recipes lately. I made a Sun-Dried Tomato and … Read More

Sloppy Giovanni’s (italian sloppy joe’s)

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Sloppy Giovannis (Joe's)

Do you see those beautiful ciabatta buns in the photos? If you can believe it or not, they’re gluten-free! One of the saddest things for me about gluten-free has been missing out on delicious artisan breads. I saw these at a local gluten-free grocery store and had heard good things about the Schaer brand so I decided to splurge and spend $7 on a package of 4 buns for this Sloppy Joe twist.  They did not disappoint. I highly, highly recommend these babies! They were crisp on the outside and chewy on the inside; just like real ciabatta. I’m still swooning over these.  This story ends in sadness though. These come par-baked (meaning they are mostly baked but you still … Read More

12 Tips for Surviving Disney World with a Toddler

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12 tips for surviving Disney World with a toddler

Disney World with our toddler: it was the best of times… it was the worst of times. We had a huge learning curve to figure out how to parent our strong-willed ball of energy! As the trip progressed, we learned from our mistakes. So I hope you can learn from our mistakes, too! Every toddler is their own little person, so obviously your mileage may vary. These are just some options to keep in mind. 1. Try to stick to your regular schedule A vacation can be a shock to a child’s system. A vacation to a theme park is more like an electrocution. Everything is so different, with so much stimulation. It challenges their little worlds.  Toddlers behave best when they … Read More

“The Biggest Loser:” what not to do to lose weight

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The Biggest Loser: what not to do to lose weight

New research is highlighting how dangerous The Biggest Loser is. Researchers found that 6 years after the show ended, their bodies burn 200-800 calories less than most people their size. Most of the participants ended up gaining most or all of their weight back. There’s a reason you’ll never see a reunion show. The producers don’t want to draw attention to what happens to their participants. The health risks associated with yoyo weight loss gives the show a particularly bad rap. Several studies have shown that it’s healthier to remain overweight than lose weight and regain it again. Research has also shown that viewers of the show end up thinking of exercise more negatively, making them less likely to want to exercise. Other studies … Read More