smoky corn chowder


This soup originally appeared in the Soups for Syria e-book I compiled last year. If you’re looking for more soup ideas for the fall, download yourself a copy! There are over 30 soup recipes from incredible food bloggers. Then I encourage you to make a donation to Mennonite Central Committee (MCC), an amazing organization doing amazing work in Syria.  I brought this soup to a friend after the birth of her second baby. This is what she texted afterwards:  “Oh. My. Gosh. This soup is amazing!!! Would you share the recipe? Or is it a secret??? Unless it’s just whipping … Read More

creamy kale and italian sausage soup (zuppa toscana)


You think you’re original. Then this happens.  My friend and her kids were over for a playdate when lunchtime suddenly creeped up on us. I invited them to stay with us and informed them that we were just going to be having a kale and italian sausage soup.  She said “oh, like Zuppa Toscana from Olive Garden! Is it a creamy soup with potatoes too?”  Yup, I say. “Yes, that’s Zuppa Toscana!” she replied.  I had no idea I had literally copy and pasted the Olive Garden recipe into my pot. I thought I was making up an original soup idea.  It’s … Read More

prep 21 days of breakfast all at once!


Good morning!  If you haven’t already noticed batch cooking has taken over my dinner prep… and now it’s taking over my morning prep too. Breakfast meal prepping is in the house!  I’m probably not supposed to say this but I actually don’t think breakfast meal prepping will take over in my life. Since I work from home and look after a toddler from home I’m not rushing around in the morning to get out of the house. And Jeremy’s job hours are somewhat flexible so since he’s a night owl he takes the opportunity to have slow mornings too. Yes, … Read More

chocolate chip oatmeal waffles [gluten free]

Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Waffles

I’ve been making these oatmeal chocolate chip waffles for years. I probably make them about once a month. It’s my go-to recipe when the bananas in my fruit bowl are starting to pop a lot of brown spots.  Even though I’ve been making them for years, I’ve somehow failed to share this recipe with you!  I wasn’t in the habit of measuring any ingredients for these waffles so I literally didn’t have any recipe to share. Unless you want to follow instructions like ” melt a blob of coconut oil in the microwave” and “add enough oats and flour until a thick dough … Read More

skinny taco meat

skinny taco meat

I’m feeling a little sheepish with this recipe. Not because of the recipe. It’s a killer taco meat recipe. But because of what I decided to call it.  I used the word ‘skinny.’  (blush, blush) Once upon a time I proclaimed that ‘skinny’ was one of those words that ticked me off when it comes to food adjectives. I would go out of my way to use terms like ‘lightened up’ to avoid saying ‘skinny.’  But it hit me one day when I was looking through my closet that I had absolutely no qualms about using the term ‘skinny jeans.’ … Read More

double chocolate zucchini oats [zoats recipe]

Double Chocolate Zucchini Oats (zoats)

Perusing my Instagram feed the other day I came across someone saying “I finally got on the zoats train!” And I panicked. I had never even HEARD of the zoats train. Cue instant fear of missing out. The clever person I am, I put two and two together and realized she was talking about adding zucchini to oats. And the very next day I made my own pot of zoats. When you think of baking with zucchini what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Chocolate, of course! And what’s better than one type of chocolate? Two types of chocolate! … Read More

how to eat less and enjoy food more

Chocolate Cherry Smoothie

This article first appeared on the MealEnders blog. MealEnders is a small sweet morsel that starts with a smooth satisfying outer later that melts into a tingly middle. The experience lasts about 20 minutes giving your body enough time to send fullness signals to the brain after a meal.  Disclosure: MealEnders has generously sent me and my I Quit Overeating clients samples to try but I was not compensated for mentioning their brand.  Eat less- enjoy food more I never tell my clients how much to eat. Are you surprised to hear this? If you’re like most people, you think of dietitians as … Read More