have you dieted and failed? find out why.

why diets fail

Most diets fail. In fact, that might be underestimating the problem…. Worse than failing, diets tend to make problems worse. People lose weight to help their health, but the diets don’t last, so they gain it back again. Studies show this up and down is even worse for their health than carrying around some extra pounds! And let’s not forget how damaging diets are for your mental health. Just think about how miserable they make you. And the problem is chronic. The average woman spends 31 years on a diet. The average woman has tried 61 diets by age 45. … Read More

why do you want to lose weight?

why do you want to lose weight?

When clients come to me for help losing weight I ask one simple question: “Why?” Why do you want to lose weight? Everybody has a different answer. Some want to be good role models for their children. Some want to fit into their skinny jeans. But the underlying motivation is the same. Everybody wants confidence, joy, and acceptance. It’s interesting though, that we subconsciously assume our extra weight is what’s holding us back from achieving those things. Is it really? your weight is out of your direct control There are many things that are directly within your immediate control. Your … Read More

meal prep mexicana mason jar salads

mexicana mason jar salad

Aaaaah, January. The time of year when you vow to stick to a budget, exercise everyday, quit drinking wine, stop eating fast food for lunch, and finally become a superhuman!  While your intentions are admirable and undoubtedly genuine, they’re unlikely to produce lasting results.  Sorry to burst your bubble by being a Realistic Rhonda over here. But you already knew it deep down, didn’t you? My friend, colleague, and newest Dietitian Blogger on the block; Kristy, had this to say on Instagram at this optimistic time of year:  ” It’s tempting to think “Oh gosh, my eating is terrible, I need to overhaul EVERYTHING!” … Read More

high protein smoothies to promote satiety

Tropical Green Smoothie

high protein smoothies Your smoothie is only as good as the ingredients you put in it. If you load it up with sweetened yogurt, juice, and honey you’ll just get hopped up on sugar. Sugar is not very filling. You’ll get a blood sugar spike that will soon send you crashing down in hunger again.  One of the key components of a good smoothie is protein. Protein is hands down the top nutrient for keeping you feeling full for longer. In science-talk that’s called satiety. You don’t want to eat a meal only to feel hungry again an hour later. You … Read More

who will be the next I Quit Overeating ambassador?

I quit overeating ambassador

As I reflect on the past year the word that keeps coming to mind for 2016 is gratitude. I am feeling so so thankful and part of it has to do with YOU, the readers of Smart Nutrition. You are the life blood of this website and I’m so thankful each and every time one of you leaves a comment or posts on Instagram with a #smartnutritionrecipes. Thank you for allowing me the privilege of doing what I love and am passionate about.  It’s funny; when I started Smart Nutrition my plan was to create space to post recipes and nutrition articles. … Read More

change your mindset to change your behaviour

change your mind to change your behaviour

Today’s post is written by guest author, Tami Lyon. Tami is a Registered Dietitian practicing in California. She is also the chief nutrition consultant for MealEnders, a small sweet morsel that starts with a smooth satisfying outer later that melts into a tingly middle. The experience lasts about 20 minutes giving your body enough time to send fullness signals to the brain after a meal.  change your mindset to change your behaviour New Year’s resolutions are easy to make, but can be tough to follow through with. Furthermore, changes to our daily routine and diet are hard to stick by. But there are a … Read More

Canada’s new food labels…everything you need to know (including what you can ignore)

Health Canada recently announced changes to the food labels found on packaged foods in Canada. These changes are super helpful for consumers!  Don’t worry, I’ll explain how. But first let me complain a bit about how long it will take for these changes to take effect. Unfortunately for us, food companies have five years to implement the mandatory changes. So by the time they all get on board it will probably be time to revise the rules again! #WhySoSlow skyrocketing usefulness for Canada’s food labels As you can see, the appearance of the nutrition facts hasn’t changed too much.  Photo source: healthycanadians.gc.ca But the … Read More