Tropical Green Smoothie Recipe

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Tropical Green Smoothie

“I want to eat healthy. I really do! But….. I just don’t like kale.” This quote was passed on to me through a colleague of mine, a registered dietitian. A client came to see her for learning about eating healthy. This person genuinely thought that healthy eating HAD to include eating kale! While kale is certainly a nutritious food, it’s not the be all and end all of healthy eating. You really can eat a healthy, varied diet without consuming kale.  That’s what I did for years. I was completely fine with my kale-less existence. I had tried kale chips and thought they were delicious, but they took far too much time to make a decent sized batch. I didn’t really like … Read More

3 Huge Benefits of a Strategically Packed Lunch

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Falafels (8 of 13)

If you’re looking for the one thing you can do to improve your health and weight the most, it’s no secret. At least, I try not to keep it a secret… Listen to your body’s fullness signals. Stop eating when you’re full and satisfied. It’s not actually very difficult to do, if you take the time to learn how, and everybody can do it. It does come with some changes to your eating routine. Sometimes this means leaving some food on your plate. Sometimes this means getting a second helping. When you’re eating at home, that’s not a problem. You can pack up the leftovers in the fridge, or get a second helping of dinner. But when you’ve packed a lunch, … Read More

Cook once & eat for days! Batch cooking: volume 2

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Batch cooking July 14 (7 of 12)

It’s another batch cooking post!! Are you excited? I sure am. This new way of cooking has no-word-of-a-lie revolutionized my life. And I think it has for some of you guys too. This post is dedicated to those who told me they tried out my first batch cooking batch of recipes.  You know who you are. You’re awesome and you inspire me to keep these posts going! As a recap, this is what batch cooking is in a nutshell: you gather all your ingredients for several recipes and make them all during one kitchen session. Then, on eating day, you have minimal prep work to do! This plan is perfect for those days when you’re busy carting your kids (or yourself!) … Read More

Win an Instant Pot pressure cooker

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Instant Pot

I’m giving away an Instant Pot pressure cooker! I recently bought one of these myself and I have been loving it! I’ve barely even used it to it’s full potential yet. I really need to start exploring all the ways this thing can cook!  It takes the place of 6 different appliances:  pressure cooker slow cooker rice cooker steamer saute-er warmer A long time ago we had roommates in our house, one of whom left a rice cooker behind. Prior to this I never would have purchased an appliance specifically for rice. A pot on the stove works just fine. But once I had one in my possession, I was hooked! It really did make the best rice. So when it … Read More

why people binge eat

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Why people binge eat

If you’re looking for a new way to reshape your thinking about food, into a healthier attitude that makes it easier to eat the right foods for you, check out this story. The twist ending will drive the point home! A snake darts across your path and your camel is spooked. The last thing you remember is being bucked into the air. You wake with a sore head, no camel in sight, and nothing around you but sand dunes, heat waves, and wind. “Just get back to the group,” you think. You try to retrace your steps, but the wind has obliterated them. You worry that you’re walking in circles. Try not to panic! Heart pounding, cortisol racing through your … Read More

Feta Beet Salad

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Feta Beet Salad

I’m pretty excited to share with you my latest favourite thing ever: sweet balsamic vinaigrette. This is a pretty big statement coming from someone who previously despised anything and everything balsamic. Let’s just say miracles happen. Or rather, I smartened up and realized that I could overcome my fear of certain foods. Since I started to do that, life has gotten infinitely more delicious. This balsamic dressing goes with pretty much any garden salad but it goes especially well with the candied nuts, salty feta, earthy beets, nutty guinoa, and bitter field greens in this recipe.  All credit for this salad goes to my toddler. I wasn’t really the biggest fan of beets so I never cooked them at home. My … Read More

Signs you’re on a harmful diet without knowing it

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Donuts (4 of 8)

When I talk about diets and how they never work, how studies show time and time again that people who diet only end up heavier over time (they drop pounds with every new diet, but gain more back once they fall off the diet), I inevitably have people tell me, “Jessica, that doesn’t apply to me. I’ve never even gone on a diet… ever!” But when we talk more about their history, we find out that they’ve fallen victim to the sneakiest diet of all, the “non-diet diet.” If you’ve ever…. made a New Year’s resolution to eat healthier adopted a vegetarian, gluten-free, or Paleo diet with the hope of losing weight decided not to eat at certain times (after 7:00 pm) given yourself … Read More